Alakajam - 001 - Update 001

Theme is "Alchemy", what the heck ins alchemy?

I am going to make a 2D game, that uses a snake style movement. I remember when I first started 5 months ago I tried to do some snake movements... and failed. So this will be my redemption ;)

The idea around the game concept is you're the gatherer, the goal will be to gather items (they are added to the snake), protect yourself form baddies, and return with the correct items to some designated location to get points/reward.

Gearing up for Alakajam!

I am building up the courage to participate in my first Game Jam. It was only 6 months ago that I had never tried Unity, I didn't know C#, and I had never heard of a Game Jam. A few weeks ago I was entranced by the Ludum Dare 39. I followed the entrys, I watched live streaming on Twitch, and I played some of the games when they were complete. While I am fearful of failure, I really want to dive into the Alakajam which is about a week or so away.

Combat System

The goal here was to build some kind to combat system. The idea I started with was as a kind of rock, paper, scissor combat system, where there could be some kind of simple rounds where an action was selected and then executed. This idea evolved into this concept of Block, Aim, Fire.