Combat System

Combat Game Screen

The goal here was to build some kind to combat system. The idea I started with was as a kind of rock, paper, scissor combat system, where there could be some kind of simple rounds where an action was selected and then executed. This idea evolved into this concept of Block, Aim, Fire.

So, in order to damage your opponent(the AI), you have to FIRE, but in order to fire, you need to first AIM, and if you had completed the process of AIM and FIRE, you then had an option to BLOCK. In the style of rock, paper, scissor... you can't be hit when you are blocking, but you can when you are aiming for firing. So any time you aim or fire, you risk being hit.

Designing the "rounds" and holding the chosen action was an interesting challenge.

Programming and trail and error for creation fo an AI was eye opening, difficult, and very fun.

Additionally, there are parts of this game that provided me the opportunity to work with many new and different things, as well as combine new and previously learned things into something new. Some of the techniques I got to explore were scene loading, animations, inheritance, coroutines, and working with particles.


  • You = Are the Hero.
  • Goal = Hit and don't be hit